Live Concerts

Zak Chaulk

Friday June 28th at 8pm

Price: $20.00 advance ticket, $25.00 at Town Hall 709.533.2351

Or  $30.00 At the door. 

Free Beer and Peanuts

Friday July 26th at 8pm

FREE BEER, a comedy duo which toured through Newfoundland and Labrador as well as the Maritimes and Quebec, making occasional appearances in places as far flung as New York City, Toronto, Montreal and too many pubs, clubs, frat houses and school auditoriums to recount. For their brief three years together, 1979 to “82, they kept audiences laughing and entertained with their unique original skits, songs and irreverent comic take on culture at the time. Always self deprecating and clever theirs was an original style that opened the doors for other musical comedy acts to follow. Their experience laid the groundwork for each partner to move onto much greater careers. Chris Elliott adopted his second name as his stage moniker and went on to be widely known across Canada and the USA as comedian Lorne Elliott. He earned a coveted position as host and creator of the CBC radio program “Madly Off in all Directions” which enjoyed a 14-year run. For more than 30 years his solo act entertained in theatres all across the country. Kevin Blackmore was a founding member of the musical comedy trio Buddy Wasisname and the Other fellers who for 37 years toured Canada doing sold out shows in over 360 towns and cities, earning the trio each honorary doctorates from Memorial University of NL and a standing membership in the Order of Canada.

Having but one LP recording to account for those early years there isn’t much more recorded of their presentations from the early 80’s aside from two 45rpm demos and a one- hour Cable TV presentation. Their one record was titled “Clueless”.

Having for some time been retired, the b’ys decided to put the old duo back together for another few shows to see what might be left to resurrect. This is an older- seasoned and savvy approach. There’s a little more melancholy, not the flat-out zaniness of years ago, a reflection of all the life lived in the 42 years since they laid their tools on the bench.

Still fun, still clever, still entertaining, and more experienced than back then, it’s “Free Beer, Still Clueless.” The lads will be accompanied by “Peanuts”, two musicians to bolster the musical end of things. Al Henderson is a jazz bassist who has toured throughout Canada and the USA playing in ensembles which have included some of the era’s greatest jazz players. He’s also an associate professor of Music at York University. Toronto. Bruce Boehler is a guitar whiz, a multi-instrumentalist who has worked for 30 years in the pubs and dance halls of Western Canada in bands doing pop and modern music. His skills are prodigious.

It's Free Beer and Peanuts.

Janeil Chantelle 

 July 6th. More info to come

Tilley and Rose

Saturday August 10th at 8pm

Glen Tilley and Bill Rose share a deep love and passion for the music they create. Their repertoire, an homage to the great songwriters and tunesmiths who gave voice to a generation.


With stops in Greenwich Village, Liverpool, Los Angeles and a waltz across Texas, the duo cover a sweeping range including country swing, rockabilly, folk, contemporary singer songwriter material, and original compositions by Rose and Tilley.


The work of celebrated troubadours Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash, Chris Stapleton and Ian Tyson, legendary composers Bob Dylan, Lennon & McCartney, Randy Newman, John Prine, and Ron Hynes all make an appearance. Dazzling instrumentals from Bill Rose, Ray Flacke, The Mavericks and The Ventures round out the unique set list of this versatile duo.


Bill Rose and Glen Tilley spent their entire creative lives at the heart of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Arts & Entertainment industry. They are thrilled to share the music of their latest project.