Kevin Blackmore 

AKA Buddy Wasisname

Kevin Blackmore AKA Buddy Wasisname is well a known Canadian musician and entertainer who grew up in Gander Newfoundland. This madman on stage as referred to by billboard magazines Larry Leblanc, is the lead act in the famous trio known as Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers alongside his good buddy's Ray Johnson and Wayne Chaulk.

Known as the funniest man in Newfoundland Kevin's claim to fame is his ability to reduce his audience to tears and send them to comedic Shangri-La. Portraying cultural caricatures inspired from his days growing up in Gander Kevin would always finds a way to crack his audience up.

Kevin's a triple threat with his ability to not only delight audiences with his facial contortions and comedic dialogue but to also sing while doing so. Kevin's old fashioned concerts are truly a spectacle to observe and Kevin himself is truly unique one of a kind performer who can perfectly combine comedic genius with song .

Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers continue to delight audiences to this day and are a true staple of Newfoundland humor. 

​Kevin is the Chair of the Diamond House and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2007.