About House Of Diamonds Centre

House of Diamonds Art Centre established in 2006, is a not-for-profit volunteer run art centre dedicated to promoting Newfoundland and Labrador Artists and Artisans. Converted from a traditional 1930’s Newfoundland home, House of Diamonds Art Centre, is as distinctive and full of character as the art it contains.

We offer informative artistic and cultural experiences to the public through various art programs, workshops, residencies, community events and projects.

Board of Directors

Kevin Blackmore (Chair)

Christine Pike (Secretary)

Bernette Earle (Treasurer) 

Bob Kennedy

Angelina Fillier

Megan Frost  

Johnny Dela Cruz

​Jessica Tibbs ( Associates Board Member)

Meet the faces behind the Diamond House

Kevin Blackmore President

Christine Pike Secretary

Bernette Earle Treasurer

Robert Kennedy

Angelina Fillier

Megan Frost

Johnny Dela Cruz